Tortilla | Food | Tortilla is a thin disk of unleavened bread made from masa or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface. Tortilla in Mexican Spanish, means "little torta" or "little cake" in Spanish; the Spanish word applies to several different foods eaten in various Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish word is used in English for a more restricted range of foods, mainly a potato-based omelette originating in Spain, and for a flatbread made from corn or wheat originally made by Mesoamerican peoples.

Mexico's corn tortilla is a thin cake. The daily bread of Mexico, unleavened tortilla is round and flat looks like a thin tortilla. The hand-shaped omelette can be made from corn flour (masa) or wheat flour, but still baked on a hot plate (Comal). You can eat normal or around different fillings. Tortillas are the base of burritos, tacos and a host of other dishes. Both corn and flour tortillas are sold packaged in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets. 2. In Spain, the word refers to a thin omelette tortilla, the traditional version of which contains potatoes and Spanish onions. Other ingredients that may be used include ham, sausage and peppers. Tortilla, traditionally prepared by soaking the seeds in an alkaline solution and pressing to form a paste which is cooked on a griddle. Tortillas stuffed with meat, beans and hot sauce are tacos. See also tamales.


In Spain, tortilla is an omelet made from roasted potatoes and onions with eggs can be served hot or cold, also used for a variety of omelets filled.

Flatbread tortillas have been eaten for many centuries in Mexico, where they are a staple. More recently, other countries have begun producing them to serve the expatriate Mexican market and the growing demand for Mexican food, particularly in North America, Europe and Eastern Asia. Mexican tortillas are commonly prepared with meat to make dishes such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.


The Spanish word tortilla shows two different classes of food, a big omelette, which may have added ingredients, the other a thin slab of corn or wheat flour. In English, the Spanish word which is sometimes used specifically for Spanish tortilla patatas, they (but not for omelettes in general) and very broad very different Mexican tortilla, corn tortilla (Maíze tortilla ). In most Spanish speaking countries, is a set of tortilla omelet-like egg-based dish. An omelet is a regular tortilla Francesa (French literally tortilla, but it's not a term used in English). Another type is a round omelette, not bent over, from Spain, but now in many countries, called the tortilla patatas or tortilla española, typically with the beaten egg, pieces of potato, and sometimes of other ingredients (such as peppers, onions, chives), and spices, cooked slowly in a little oil and served hot or cold, sometimes as a snack bar. This is called the Spanish omelette, Spanish tortilla, or only tortilla in English.


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