Pop Corn | Food | Popping Corn or Popcorn is Corn (Maize), which expands from the corn kernel and pops up when heated. Corn is able to pop because, like sorghum, quinoa and millet, the kernels have a hard moisture watertight hull and an inner dense starchy carbohydrates. This allows pressure to build inside the nucleus until an explosive "pop" performance. Some strains of corn is now grown specifically as popping corn.

There are many techniques of popping corn. Large-scale of commercial popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in the late 19th century. Several types of homemade at a small scale for popcorn is also available, with the most popular in the United States are pre-packaged. Popcorn has both supporters and opponents. Depending on how it is prepared and cooked, some believe that it is a health food, while others warn against it for various reasons. Popcorn can also have non-food applications, ranging from decorations on Christmas to packaging products.

Pop corn is made from a variety of corn with small and hard kernel and ears. Heated to high temperatures, moisture in the endosperm of the kernel turns to steam, creating a lot of pressure. This pressure burst outer envelope open, revealing inside the nucleus, which is now popped up and crunchy (popped corn or "popcorn"). The varieties of popcorn are classified according to their shape. The nuclei, usually white or yellow, can be red or brown, but they all turn white or yellow when they burst.

How to Buy 
Popcorn: Buy 
popcorn from stores with a quick turnover of stock.

How to Prepare 
Popcorn: Popcorn is made in an airtight container. A small amount of oil and salt can be added once the cooking is finished.

How to Serve 
Popcorn: Popcorn is eaten plain or coated with butter, unseasoned or seasoned with salt and spices. It can also be coated with caramelized sugar.

How to Store Popcorn: At room temperature: keep popping corn in an airtight container (the kernels must retain their moisture, or else they won't pop).

How to Cook Popcorn: Cook the corn over medium heat, shaking the pot often. Once all of the kernels have popped, take the popcorn off the heat quickly so that it doesn't burn.
 Packets of ready-made popping corn for microwaving can be more expensive.
 The kernels can be popped in a specially 
made appliance.

Popcorn Nutritional Information:

with oil and salt sweetened plain
water 3.1% 4.0% 4.0%
protein 1.8 g 4.6 g 2.8 g
fat 4.2 g 2.6 g 1.0 g
carbohydrates 11.2 g 63.2 g 16.8 g
fiber 1.6 g 4.4 g 1.8 g
per 2 cups/500 ml per 2 cups/500 ml per 2 cups/500 ml

Popcorn Contains: magnesium, zinc, copper, thiamine, phosphorus and potassium.
 Corn is a source of fiber. 
Popcorn coated with sugar or butter is much higher in energy than plain popcorn.

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