Corn, Maize: the conventions of naming

Corn, Maize: the conventions of naming - The term "maize" comes from the Spanish form of Maiz, a Taino word for the original plant. This was the term used in the UK and Ireland, where he is now usually called "sweet corn", the most common type of plant known to the people there. Sweet corn is harvested earlier and eaten as a vegetable instead of a grain.

Outside the British Isles, another common term for corn is 'maize'. It was originally the term for other cereals. In North America, its meaning has been restricted since the 19th century for corn, and was reduced to "corn". Corn term now refers specifically to the colorful "corn" (corn Flint) cultivars.

When using scientific and formal, the "corn" usually used in a global context. Similarly, most of the commercial, the "corn" used frequently. In Britain, Australia and other English speaking countries, the word "corn" is often used in culinary contexts, particularly in naming products such as popcorn and corn flakes. Although it should be noted that in the United States, the term "corn" is almost unknown. "Corn" is used in agricultural and scientific references.

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