Homemade Corn Grains Grinding Machine

Homemade Corn Grains Grinding Machine - Corn that is hard, when processed with this machine will be quickly destroyed, and the degree of softness can be adjusted with the screen mounted.

Users: Agro-industry users, poultry farmers.

Functions: For grinding dry corn grains or other cereals that used for animal feed.

  • Power: Small Engine 12-18 HP
  • Capacity: 400-500 kg / hr
  • Size:
    • Length: 1260 mm
    • Width: 720 mm
    • Height: 1370 mm
    • Weight: + - 240 k
  • Life Time: 5 (five) years

How to Operate the Machine:
  1. Feed the raw materials into the hollow discs foundation which surface serrated. 
  2. The feeder surface is covered by the inverted pyramid form of a grinding disc that is inserted into the hollow discs runway. 
  3. Surface of grinding disc is also serrated. 
  4. Disc grinder continuosly rotated by hand. 
  5. The rotating of grinding disc makes the material crushed and broken.

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