Simple Homemade Electric Coconut Grater Machine

Simple Homemade Electric Coconut Grater Machine - For those of you working in the coconut processing industry, is now available an appropriate technology to grate coconut. With the homemade simple coconut grater machine, you'll become easier and faster in the processing of coconut.

Function: To grate the peeled coconut, so be ready to squeeze for its  coconut milk.

How to Operate:
  1. Prepare peeled coconut in the container.
  2. Turn on the machine
  3. Feed the pieces of coconut on the feeding hole
  4. Collect the yields in a preepared container
  5. Clean the tools to make it long life time

  • Size: 
    • Length = 40 cm 
    • Width = 35 cm; 
    • Height = 100 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Power: electric motor
  • Capacity: 60 kg / hr
  • Operator: 1 person
  • Materials: Iron, aluminum.

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