Simple Cassava Slicing Machine

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Simple Cassava Slicing Machine - Slicing cassava for the production of cassava chips or other products is mostly done in the rural community. For slicing cassava in large quantities can be made easier and accelerated with the help of simple cassava slicing machine.

Slicing cassava can be done with cassava slicing machine with manual propulsion or by hand. The result is much more and more delicate. The use of electric cassava slicing machine can be faster, not laborious and the yields are even more.

1. Function:
To slice peeled cassava to a desired thicknes so can be processed or fried into chips.

2. Instruction:
1. Prepare raw materials which will be sliced
2. Sharpen slicer's blade and clean before use
3. Adjust the position of the blade to make desired thickness of sliced cassava
4. Turned on the machine.
5. Place raw materials on the slicer blade while driven slowly, so that all the materials chopped.
6. When all is done, clean all part of the tools.

3. Specifications:
1. Dimensions: L = 47 cm W = 45 cm; H = 80 cm
2. Weight: 10 kg
3. Propulsion: Electric Motor 1.0 hp
4. Capacity: 50 kg / hr
5. Operator: 1 person
6. Materials: steel plate, angle steel, aluminum

4. Contact - Manufactutrer:
Project Section of Appropriate Technology, Appropriate Technology Development Center, LIPI; Jl. KS. Tubun No. 5 Subang; Tel. / Fax. (0260) 417348, 411 478 Jakarta

Rural Technology Machinery Product Specifications, Project Section of Appropriate Technology, Appropriate Technology Development Center, LIPI

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