About Yoghurt and How to Make It

Yoghurt is a milk product processed through the addition of a good interaction of organisms, one of which is lactic acid bacteria. Yoghurt in the market is divided into two types, the first is plain yoghurt which is no flavor  addition and drink yoghurt, which is plain yoghurt that have added fruit essence, such as flavor of strawberry, orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc.

Advantages of Yoghurt:
  • Yoghurt is safe to be consumed by people who are sensitive to milk (causing diarrhea) because of lactose contained in raw milk (dairy) has simplified by the process of fermentation of yoghurt.
  • When yoghurt consumed on a regular even able to inhibit the levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is because yoghurt contains lactobasillus. Lactobasillus function inhibits the formation of cholesterol in our blood that comes from the foods we eat such as offal or meat.
  • Enhance our immune system because yoghurt contains a lot of good bacteria that can balance the bad bacteria found in our milk.

How to Make Good Yoghurt
Although it looks difficult, making yoghurt is actually very simple. The equipments we need to make yoghurt are easy to find, such as the pan sized of 40 cm, stirrer, glass jar with lid. All this equipment can be obtained easily in the market or shopping centers such as Carrefour. The main ingredient needed to manufacture yoghurt is just milk. This milk can be either liquid milk but to consider the dairy milk used must be white.

  1. Prepare the milk that was diluted with 1 liter of boiled water and add the milk cream as much as 15%.
  2. Cook over low heat, stirring continued for 30 minutes but do not boil. It is only intended to evaporate the water so that later will form lumps or solid yoghurt.
  3. If it is done, solid yoghurt then removed and cooled approximately until lukewarm then add the yoghurt seed as much as 2-5% of the amount of yoghurt that has been thickened earlier. Seeds of yoghurt is not sold in the market freely but you can find it in a specific store. Or for simply we can use the plain yoghurt (no flavor added, no sugar and no aroma) as the seeds of yoghurt.
  4. Let stand for 24 hours in a closed container to produce a sour taste and a condensed form.
  5. The higher the total solid, the remaining clear liquid the less, and yoghurt produced the better. Solid yoghurt that has not been given this extra flavor can also be used as seeds for further manufacture.
  6. After the yoghurt is done, then it can be added with syrup or sugar to reduce strong sour flavor. Even you can add flavorings (food essence) such as orange flavor, strawberries and lychees that we can get in pharmacies. Yoghurt can be served not only as a beverage, but also with fruit salad as a dressing or as a mixture of frutty ice.
  7. Yoghurt that has been made can be placed in a plastic container or glass. If we want to use plastic containers should be a bit thick, but if you want to save the yoghurt for a longer time it should use a glass container.

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