Medicinal Purposes and Side Effects of Noni Juice

As you may know, the fruit of the Noni is made of Morinda citrifolia. Noni fruit used by Pacific Islanders to help the disease. Noni juice has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, although the validity of such statements can not be proven.

Parts of the noni fruit are turned into poultices, tonics and juice. Noni tea is also very popular. It is safe to use with other vitamins, herbs and minerals. The Noni fruit is said to prevent damage to the human system, related to health and performance of the body functions.

Noni juice is believed to have benefits for body aches and pain. Users believe it to help ease neck and back pain as well as headaches. It can also be used for itching and scalp skin problems.

Every medicinal product has side effects. The side effects of Noni are very limited compared to other natural remedies. Most side effects are not reported so the results and statistics cannot be properly recorded by researchers, doctors and users. It is also believe the immune system is improved with the use of Noni juice for medicinal purposes.

Researchers recommend taking one ounce daily without too many side effects. Drinking a good amount of water is also recommended. Lemon is also recommended. Water and lemon tastes good together to cleanse the systems. Taking one ounce of noni juice has been proven by research to be non-toxic and safe. Users experience no side effects when using small quantities of the Noni fruit juice.

When Noni juice was first introduced, people experienced mild discomforts such as indigestion and bloating. People now believe that noni juice can also work as a laxative. Keep in mind this is not the case in all individuals. Everyone’s system is different.

Taking an excess amount an be harmful, just like with any other medicines that you may find over the counter. As with any remedy take care not to use more than the recommend doses at the recommended frequency. Seek the advice of a physician before using Noni exclusively for health benefits.

The most severe side effects of Noni can include cough, gas, bad breath, heavy periods in women, headaches, joint aches, diarrhea, itching and rash, tiredness, pimples and boils.

All users, at one time or another, have experienced side effects from Noni. Research statistic show that less that one percent of people tested had an allergic reaction to Noni juice. Allergic reactions can also include trouble with breathing and oxygen intake.

Two percent of people tested had allergic side effects like belching and gas, nausea and vomiting, but these effects were quickly gone within a period of 24 hours. Some of the more serious side effects of Noni occur in individuals whose bodies reject the use of Noni.

Diabetic patients require care when drinking Noni juice. As with other fruit the Noni fruit it high in sugar and can increase the glucose levels.

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