Indian Agriculture and Food Industry Sector 2011

Agriculture and food industry in India has grown steadily with strong government leadership through various initiatives. The sectors that experienced strong private participation in the sector include seeds, fertilizers, ground equipment, storage, cold chains, food processing and organic foods.

The story begins review of agriculture and food industry. It provides an introduction to the market and includes information on agricultural growth, food consumption level of the main factors leading to a growing industry. The market value chain is highlighted, and contains significant areas of the market.

After this analysis of the seed sector and its total market size and growth rates as well as data of supply and demand for crops of large seeds. The development of seed markets in the period was highlighted with particular emphasis on the growth of agricultural biotechnology. drivers are the main policy initiatives of the government and to improve yields and increase their profits, the participation of the private sector and the major challenges are in conflict with the accreditation, ignorance and knowledge of the control of prices of products agricultural biotechnology, disputes on the use of BT.

Global consumption and production figures are provided for the fertilizer market. sectoral participation of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, fertilizer complex is provided with the various grants provided by the government. The main factors analyzed include the step to the grant in terms of nutrients, the increased use of fertilizer, MRP and the liberalization of prices, the low penetration rate per hectare, while the main challenges are an insufficient supply of natural gas, ineffective government policies and dependence on imports of potash.

value chain and large equipment used in agriculture is highlighted. Section contains the market size and growth of the market segment of the market of agricultural machinery. In addition to specifying the use of power and shoot at the same time, sales of tractors, agricultural tools, and intrusion. It contains a regional breakdown of the tractor market and highlighted the main reasons for growth in each region. The analysis explains the drivers of growth factors such as better access to credit, poor penetration of agricultural machinery, small farm power availability and access to new markets and products. The challenges of the market is restrictions on cost-effective fragmentation of the country and irregular monsoon.

Cold storage and agricultural segment of the chains was taken into consideration. It includes the size and growth of markets and the expansion of storage capacity. The figures for the total size and growth have also been planned to the market for cold chain, but also analyzes the major segments, ie, the surface storage and refrigerated transport, providing hand-segmented. primary drivers, including the growth of organized retailing, the change to vegetable crops, the growth of food industry, government initiatives, investments and the challenges are the lack of logistical support, the unequal distribution of cold chains, cost structures , food and inadequate infrastructure and resources are covered in this section. The main trends were also highlighted.

The next section deals with the food industry, providing market size and growth and penetration of large products. A map of each segment included highlights growth rate for the same. An analysis of factors explaining the growth factors such as increased consumer spending on processed food from India a competitive advantage that grows food distribution in India, public aid, the growth of export processing Food, growth of the futures market, low penetration in the domestic market, while market challenges is the lack of integrated supply chain and scale of operations, the limited use of technology in food processing, high taxes on agricultural products brand.

In an overall comparison is provided for information on organic food industry product segments. The drivers are identified in this segment is to increase public awareness of the health of a huge export market, growth in organized retail, government initiatives and the challenges of high prices, the certification of the barrier and the lack of integrated plant.

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