Going to Market: One Step Ahead to Start a Successful Food Processing Business

As I've presented before there are four first components in starting a food processing business you have to do and preparing well: the product, the business plan, manufacturing/operations/regulations, and label design and packaging. In this session I will present the fifth one: going to market.

Once you have all the above mentioned items completed, you are ready to “go to market”. In marketing management, the term “go to market” refers to the channels a company will use to connect with its customers/business and the organizational processes it develops (such as high tech product development) to guide customer interactions from initial contact through fulfillment.

A firm's “go to market” is the mechanism by which they propose to deliver their unique value proposition to their target market. That value proposition is based on the choices the business has made to focus on and invest in markets and solutions that they believe will respond positively to the increased attention.

Marketing strategy involves "Who" the firm will go after and "What" it will offer them. “go to market”  is a component of the overall marketing strategy and is concerned with "How" the firm will make it happen. “Go to market” is a strategy mainly used by marketers of goods that are not for the mass market. The main focus of this marketing exercise is to target the direct consumer or the one in authority who makes the buying decision.

For this step all you have to do is to get some samples made to take out and show buyers who represent stores or restaurants. Set up appointments with product buyers. Maybe hire a professional sales person to make the presentation. After you have the order, implement your business plan. You can never have enough customers. Continue to refine your business plan and make more sales calls. You can never have enough business.

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