Alcohol Consumption In Norway

Alcohol Consumption In Norway | agriculture commodities | Small amounts of alcohol usually involves a little risk of damage to human health. Consumption of large amounts merely provides "rusvirkninger," and accompanied by an increased risk of accidents and injuries.

Alcohol can also affect a number of medicines and drugs, and the body turnover of these. The repeated consumption of alcohol over time increases the risk of developing diseases and addiction.

In 2006, each 15 years Norwegian drank over 6.46 liters of pure alcohol on average. Half of the alcohol came from beer. It shows statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. In addition to this, unregistered consumption from cross-border trade, smuggling and home production.

Men and women with higher income drink alcohol. Geographically, the consumption of Oslo and Akershus are the highest. It was proofed by an interview survey of adults over 24 years. Among men and women over 60 are respectively 17 and 30 percent who do not drink alcohol at all. For other age groups, the figures are only a third of this. (Strand and Steiro 2003.)

Average age at onset of alcohol appears to be stable in Norway, with approximately 14.5 years for beer and 15 for wine. In the second half of the 1990s, alcohol consumption among young people from about 3 liters to 4.5-5.0 liters of pure alcohol per year. - agriculture commodities

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