Science News: Grape skins prevent metabolic disorders

Science News: Grape skins prevent metabolic disorders | agriculture commodities - commodity prices - food sciences | Guarulhos, Brazil. A new Brazilian study found the grape skin extract protected the offspring of normally fed high fat-fed dams during lactation from the phenotypic and metabolic characteristics of metabolic syndrome (J Cardiovasc doctors. June 8, 2011).

The study examined the effect of Vitis vinifera grape skin extract ACH09 (ACH09) on metabolic disturbances and oxidative stress in adult offspring of rats fed a high fat diet (HF) during lactation. Four groups of female rats were fed: control diet (7 percent fat); ACH09 (7 percent fat and 200 mg / kg / d orally ACH09), HF (24 percent fat ), HF + ACH09 (24 percent fat plus 200 mg / kg / d orally ACH09) during lactation for 90 or 180 days.

Systolic blood pressure was increased in adult offspring of HF-fed dams and ACH09 prevented hypertension. The increased adiposity, plasma triglycerides, blood sugar and insulin resistance were observed in the offspring of middle-aged, and these changes were reversed by ACH09. Plasma oxidative damage and increased levels of nitrite decreased in the HF group of middle-aged, which was reversed by ACH09. In addition, restored ACH09 decreased plasma antioxidant activity and mesenteric arteries of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase and glutathione peroxidase in the HF group. @food sciences

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