MEAT, an animal food sources for human

MEAT, an animal food sources for human - Meat is animal flesh, which is used in food. Usually this means that the skeletal muscle and fat and other associated tissues, but can also indicate other edible tissues, such as organs and viscera. In the Anglosphere, the meat is generally used in the meat packing industries in a more restrictive - the flesh of the mammalian species (pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.), cultivated and prepared for human consumption, except fish, poultry and other animals . The usege varies according to the global culture, and in some countries such as India has a large population to avoid consumption of all or most of the meat. A game or meat of wild animals is usually distinguished from the product of agriculture.

The consumption of meat have different traditions and rituals associated with it in different cultures, such as kosher and halal, and its output is generally regulated by the government as well. This article focuses mainly on the process of primary production to consumption.

Meat word comes from the old English word mete, which referred to food in general. The term is related to Mad in Danish, mat in Swedish and Norwegian, and maturity in Icelandic, which also means "food". The word "mete" also exist in Old Frisian (and to a lesser extent, the modern West Frisian) to describe the main foods that distinguish it from "Swieten" (candy) and "dierfied" (fodder).

A definition, which refers to the meat does not contain fish has evolved over the last 100 years is a religious influences. The distinction between fish and "meat" is codified by Jewish law on the Kashrut dietary mixing milk and meat, which is not prohibited from mixing milk and fish. Contemporary Jewish law (Halakha) is the ranking Kashrut meat as well as mammals 'meat' birds swarm the fish is not meat or dairy products. diet catholic "meat" on Fridays also does not apply to cooking and eating fish.

The High Latin "carne" (also the root of "flesh", referring to the "pleasures of the flesh") is often a euphemism for sexual pleasure, from the function performed by the fleshy bodies. Therefore, the "flesh" can refer to the human body in a sensual or sexual connotation. A meat market in addition to simply denoting a market where meat is sold, it also refers to a place or situation where humans are treated or viewed as commodities, especially the area known as a situation in which a couple can find. "Meat" can also be used to denote those humorous or indifferent. In military jargon, "meat shield" refers to soldiers sent in the direction of an enemy to draw fire away from another device. (@ agriculture commodities)

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