How to make "Bakso", Obama's favourite soup

Bakso, Obama's favourite soup
Bakso or meatball is a homogeneous mixture of meat, starch flour and spices that have undergone the process of extrusion and cooking. The way of making meatballs is not too difficult. Finely ground meat using a screw extruder, then mixed with flour and spices in a special mixing device so that the ingredients mixed into a paste material which is very flat and smooth. After that round-shaped pasta printed and boiled until cooked. A good quality Bakso can be made without the addition of any chemicals.

  1. Meat: any type of meat can be a meatball. Meat should be fresh, getting fresh, the better. Fresh meat coming out of the slaughterhouse are best used. The meat will be used better quickfreezed before grinding. Frozen meat flavor and aroma will give a more savory meatballs.
  2. Tapioca
  3. Spices: any spices can be used as seasoning. However, bakso producers usually use onions, garlic, pepper powder and salt.
  4. Eggs: eggs are used for more delicate dough, and tastes better. However, eggs are not always used in making meatballs. Chicken eggs, duck and quail can be used.
  5. Tripolysodium phosphate: these chemicals function as emulsifiers to produce dough that is more flat (homogeneous). The dough is more evenly will provide a better meatball texture.
  1. Grinder and Mixer: these tools consist of a meatball grinder in the form of a dough extruder and mixer. Dough mixer equipped with a steel plate mounted horizontal centrifugal stirrer. The stirrer part  rotates at high speed so that the materials are not tough and hard easily to be crushed.
  2. The kettle boiling: this tool is used to boil the raw meatballs into mature. Bakso producers usually use pot as a kettle boiling.
  1. Freezing and grinding meat: meat frozen quickly. Then milled until fine meat porridge. Actally this process does not have to be done. Fresh meat can be ground directly without prior freezing. 
  2. Farmulating materials: materials composition of bakso depending on the flavor desired. More fish used, the more delicious bakso flavor.
  3. Making dough: porridge more stirring and mashing the meat in the dough mixer. After the meat porridge is really flat and smooth add spices, sodium tripolifosfat, and flour gradually, stirring constantly at high speed. During the stirring, add granulated or ice cube. Stirring is considered complete if the dough formed on a flat, smooth and can be rounded off when the squeezed by hand, then removed through the aperture formed by the forefinger and thumb.
  4. Shaping and boiling raw Bakso: squeeze dough with the palm of the hand, then made ball shaped by wringing the dough, then push out through the aperture formed by the forefinger and thumb. After that using tip of the spoon upside down, rounded dough quickly put into boiling water. When ripe, meatball will float. Bakso is allowed to float for 5 minutes, then removed to drain. The result is called meatball.
  5. Storage: bakso is a watery material which can be easily damaged. To be durable, meatball should be stored in the freezer which sealed by plastic packaging before. Freezer temperature should be below -18 ° C.
  6. Making the soup: the soup made from spiced beef broth. Most of bakso soup is made from broth in very dilute form because of very little use of meat. Meatball soup like this are usually added monosodium glutamate (MSG) in a little high amounts (2% or 20 grams per liter of broth).
For Bakso soup tastes good, meat used to make meatballs at least 10% of the total generated meatball soup. Meatball soup like this do not have added MSG.
  1. Ingredients:
    • Water (4 liters)
    • Meat roughly chopped (300 grams)
    • Bone roughly chopped (250 grams)
    • Garlic finely ground (150 grams)
    • Shallots finely ground (150 grams)
    • Smooth Pepper (25 grams)
    • Fresh Celery (5 stems)
    • Nutmeg roughly chopped (10 grams)
    • Cardamom / gardamungu (4 pieces)
    • Salt (to taste)
  2. Directions:
    • Meat and bone chopped boiled in boiling water for 30 minutes.
    • Garlic, onions and peppers that have been finely ground in stir-fry with a little oil until fragrant.
    • All ingredients, except celery incorporated into the stew of meat and bone boiling. Ten minutes later add sliced celery, and gravy meatball still allowed to boil briefly, then remove from heat. The result is a delicious meatball soup and savory without chemical additives.

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