U.S: Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing Industry's Revenue for the Year 2009

Research and Markets: the Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing Industry's Revenue for the Year 2009 Was Approximately $10.5 Billion Usd, with an Estimated Gross Profit of 33.3%

This latest Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing Industry report provides the most updated market research on the industry. Its scope contains analysis on the industry's key financial data, competitive landscape, shipment and inventory data, upstream and downstream industries, and trade data.

The downstream analysis section of this industry reveals a large dependency on personal consumption. Understanding the recessionary effects on consumer consumption for products within this industry is essential.

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) eviscerating fresh fish by removing heads, fins, scales, bones, and entrails; (2) shucking and packing fresh shellfish; (3) manufacturing frozen seafood; and (4) processing fresh and frozen marine fats and oils. This 6-digit NAICS industry (311712) is under the hierarchy of Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging Industry (31171), Food Manufacturing Subsector (311), and the Manufacturing Sector (31-33). Its SIC equivalent codes are: 2077 - Animal and Marine Fats and Oils (fresh and frozen marine fats and oils); and 2092 - Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish and Seafoods.

The industry's revenue for the year 2009 was approximately $10.5 billion USD, with an estimated gross profit of 33.3%. The industry used a projected 58 percent of its full production capacity in 2009. The industry could have increased its total shipment value to $18.1 billion USD under full production capacity. This industry did not have direct foreign trade statistics. The report nevertheless depicted relevant foreign trade data from a higher level NAICS industry or industry group

SOURCE: researchandmarkets.com


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