Food | Jelly | Jelly is a soft and semi-solid foods substance with a strong consistency, made by fixing a liquid containing pectin or gelatin or by the addition of gelatin to a liquid, mostly as a substance made from pectin containing fruit juice boiled with sugar.

Jelly is a transparent or translucent fruit spread of sweet fruit (or vegetable) juice and play with natural pectin. Pectin can be added, that the fruit does not provide enough original example with grapes. jelly ingredients can be prepared with sweet, salty or hot. It is manufactured by a process similar to that used for making jam, with the additional step of filtering the pulp of the fruit after the initial heating. Gauze or jersey "jelly bag" is traditionally used as a filter, suspended by a rope over a bowl to allow the force to occur slowly by gravity. It is important not to force the process to force, for example, pressing the fruit mass in muslin or jelly resulting clarity will be compromised.

"Good jelly is clear and bright and has a refreshing taste of fruit,from whichit ismade. And 'race moved enough to shake, but when you cut corners.

Pectin isbest extracted fromthe fruit byheat, then cook thefruit until soft before separating to get the juice, ... Pour the cooked fruit in to jelly bag,which hasbeen wrung out from cold water. Hang up and allow to drain. When the dripping has stopped, the bag can be squeezed to remove the remaining juice, but this can cause cloudy jelly. "

the Clear jam madefrom strained fruit juice hasbeen affected by boiling with sugar. It is also used in this sense, in North America, to mean any jam.

Table JELLY is a sweet dessert made from gelatin, sweetened and flavored; known in North America as Jell-O, patented in New York City, by PeterCooper (1842) as a coloured fruit-flavored gelatin powder FORdessert , Jell-O was marketed for the first time by Pearl B. Wait of LeRoy, NY, NY, in1897.

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