Food Engineering

Food Engineering

Food Technology | Food Engineering | Food Engineering is the use of technical concepts and principles for the processing of raw food to ensure consumer products of the highest possible quality . The full range of food engineering is associated with the operation and maintenance of food processing plants, and research involving advanced process design.

Engineering applications in food handling, processing, packaging and distribution can be described in terms of unit operations. There are many different unit operations in the processing of raw materials for the food supply. The distribution of food and other materials in the processing plant requires the use of unique equipment and processes. For example, special sanitary pumps are used to transport liquid food, and handling equipment for solid foods requires careful design of the surfaces in contact with products.

The importance of thermal processes for food preservation requires a wide range of heat exchange equipment is used. Liquid heat exchangers are unique in design and sanitary cleaning surfaces after heat treatment. A special thermal design of heat conservation.

Various unit operations related to the transfer of heat while maintaining efforts to achieve stability in storage is not a direct result of heat treatment. A good example is the freezing process, the removal of thermal energy to reduce the product temperature at which the deterioration of the reactions are significantly inhibited. CONCENTRATION be achieved by reducing the degree of conservation of water availability on the deterioration of the reactions, although the primary objective is to reduce the liquid product of mass and volume. Although the traditional focus on the processes have been used in thermal energy to evaporate water, transparencies now used in different get the same results. The preservation of food to achieve the reduction through a low water content of dehydration processes, which use thermal energy. These processes are applied, and liquid food products, which are inherently stable.

Another series of unit operations used to change the composition or structure of the product in some way. These are the separation, mixing and extrusion. Separation processes are designed to distribute the food in two or more components. Although various physical or chemical properties of the product components are used in various separation processes, two main processes are filtration and extraction. Filtering, the physical process that has various applications in addition to its use to distinguish their product. Excavation is usually designed to remove some, or a unique product for use as a separate part of the assets or composition of the product. After separation, the final product is obtained from the use of a mixture that includes a variety of equipment types.

Finally, the extrusion process is used for both heat flow and to obtain a product storage as well as number of structural and textural characteristics.

The importance of cleaning and disinfection should be noted due to a direct bearing on the final product quality. The operations required vary greatly depending on the type of product handled and the type of equipment used. Processes for managing the waste generated during handling, processing, packaging and distribution are all equal, and a lot of waste management and processing operations are the same that are used directly with food.

The final measure, the product is subject to prior distribution package. Package of an obstacle, it is important to keep food at the desirable level of quality. Food packaging is the choice of equipment is required for the placing of the product and the choice of packaging necessary to protect the product in the best possible way.

Technological input in the management of food processing, packaging and distribution, which applies to almost all unit operations is the control process. The use of instrumentation and related electronic controls have a significant impact on the efficiency of all parts of the food distribution system. See also Food, Food Processing, food microbiology, food preservation, Food Science, Unit operations.

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