Food Machine | Blender | which blender, which food processor, what food processor, what is a food processor, blender mixer -A Blender is one that blends, especially an electrical appliance with whirling blades for chopping, mixing, or liquefying foods.A Blender is small electrical appliance that uses short rotating blades to chop, blend, purée and liquefy foods.Because blender containers are tall and narrow,air is not incorporated into the food so this appliance will not"whip"foods such as egg whites and cream.Blenders can be used for making soups,purées,sauces,milkshakes and other drinks,as well as for chopping small amounts of foods such as breadcrumbs and herbs.

A Blender is a device for disrupting tissue or any aggregate.It consists of blades rotating at the bottom of a glass or stainless-steel vessel(originally named a Waring blendor,from a trade name);in an alternative design,known as a top-drive blender,the blades rotate on a spindle from the top of the vessel.The method is undiscriminating and may damage organelle membranes through excessive force or generation of heat.For more precise work,a Potter-Elvehjem homogenizer or a Dounce homogenizer preserves organelle structure.

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A blender really will make very light work of blending soups–speedily,easily and to a good,smooth,uniform texture–and it can happily cope with as much as 1¾pints(1 litreof liquid at a time.This, for me,is its prime function.Home-made soups are cheap and easy,nourishing and comforting,and will always be part of my home-cooking repertoire.

Processors are not always good for blending small quantities,so if you want a small amount of mayonnaise,hollandaise,breadcrumbs, pesto or anything else that needs some quick,brief blending,you will find a blender does a better job.

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It won't grate or chop;it pulverises but doesn't actually chop.So herbs,for instance,just get mashed to a pulp,which is okay for pesto,but not for other things.Incidentally,I think a liquidiser is a more accurate title here than blender because it pulverises ingredients almost to a liquid.

Briefly,with a hand-held blender you have to do a little more work. In the goblet of a full-blown blender the ingredients are pulverised at the press of a button in seconds;with the hand-held version you have to manipulate it into the corners of bowls and pans to make sure the blades are reaching all the parts they need to.What you use is a matter of personal choice.Some may find the bother of washing a goblet a chore(though they are dishwasher-proof nowadays)and I have friends who say they prefer the hand-held version.

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If you really don't enjoy cooking,particularly making and eating home-made soups,I would say probably not.But I feel a serious cook will always appreciate having both a blender and a processor because the two together provide a wonderful service in so many different areas of day-to-day cooking.

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  1. I have already food blender. That blender is so good that I enjoy my cooking since I used that blender.


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