What is Agro-industry?

Agroindustry or agro-industry (agroindustrial or agro-industrial) is industry dealing with the supply, processing, and distribution of farm products. Agro-industry is related to the large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food using modern equipment and methods.

An 'agro-industry' means a unit which adds value to agricultural produce / intermediates / residues; both food and non-food; by processing them into products which are marketable or usable or edible, or by improving storability, or by providing a link from farm to the market or a part thereof. Agro-industry also includes hitech agriculture, biotechnology based agriculture and the certified/ truthful label seed producing industry.

'Agricultural products' would include produce of Agriculture - Horticulture - Sericulture - Floriculture - Medicinal plants - Fisheries - Poultry - Apiculture - Dairy products and also includes minor forest produce and live stock based products.

It would also include industries which are engaged in the utilisation of agriculture waste or its disposal.

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