Essential Oil Refining Machine

Essential oil refining machine
This Essential Oil Refining Machine is portable, not too big in size, and manufactured for simply operation and maintenance, depends on the production capacity of the machine you need. This machine was engineered by Ato Sunarto, and manufactured by The Council of Science, Technology and Industry of West Sumatra, Padang. You can ask for more informations about this tool or even if you would order it by contacting the contact address which figured below. 

 1. Engineer: 
  • Ato Sunarto (Department of Agricultural Engineering Faculty of Agricultural Technology IPB, Bogor)

2. Users:  
  • Essential oil plant (patchouli, citronella, clove, pepper, etc.) farmers 

3. Specifications:
  • Dimensions: ---
  • Construction: 
    • steel plate, stainless steel
  • Functional Design:
    • Type: Direct steam distiller
    • Fuel: stoves, wood stoves, coal briquette stove
  • Structural Design: ---
  • Materials: ---
  • Capacity: 
    • 35-50 kg (citronella, or patchouli)
  • Lifetime: 
    • +  4 (four) years

4. How to Operate:
  • Water boiled to vaporize, then poured into the kettle which raw materials is in it
  • Boiling will vaporize essential oils together with water, 
  • The vapor then flowed by a steam condenser 
  • The condensate which is a mixture of water and essential oils then collected in a container
  • Essential oils and water will separate by the specific gravity differences

5. Contact Address:
  • The Council of Science, Technology and Industry of West Sumatra, Jl.Rasuna Said, Padang Baru, Padang, Tel. 0751 40040, Fax. 40 040 0751.

  • Hasbullah, 2000. Appropriate Technology for Small Agro-industry of West Sumatra, the Council of Science, Technology and Industry of West Sumatra, Padang

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