VW: Biodiesel statement

Standard forecourt fuel (BS EN590): approved

15 December 2008

Legislation introduced on 15 April 2008 insists that fuel suppliers must use at least 2.5 per cent biofuel in diesel production. Filling-station forecourts supply diesel (to the standard BS EN590) that can contain up to five per cent biodiesel and 95 per cent fossil fuel. Volkswagen Group approves the use of diesel fuel containing up to five per cent biodiesel in all of its diesel vehicles. The use of this fuel requires no modifications to the vehicle or changes to the vehicles’ maintenance schedules.

Important: BS EN590 is approved for vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

B30 biodiesel: not approved

Volkswagen Group does not approve the use of B30 biodiesel in any of its vehicles. B30 biodiesel is a blend of 70 per cent fossil fuel and 30 per cent biofuel, derived from fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). The use of this fuel in Volkswagen Group vehicles may invalidate the engine and exhaust system warranty.

100 per cent biodiesel: approved for some vehicles

Some Volkswagen Group vehicle models are approved to run on 100 per cent Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME) biodiesel. Parts fitted during a vehicle’s manufacture that are compatible with this fuel are denoted by the vehicle PR code 2G0. This is found on the data sticker in the service book or boot floor/spare wheel well. However, some older vehicles may not have this PR code. Always refer to the owner’s handbook and Factory information about the vehicle’s compliance with biodiesel before using this fuel type.

In vehicles that are 100 per cent biodiesel compatible, Volkswagen Group has only approved the use of RME to the standard DIN EN 14214. No other biodiesel can be used.

  • Vehicles that do not have the Factory preparation for biodiesel cannot use 100 per cent biodiesel
  • Vehicles fitted with a common-rail fuel injection system cannot use 100 per cent biodiesel
  • Vehicles fitted with pumpe-düse injectors cannot use 100 per cent biodiesel
  • Vehicles fitted with a DPF must not use 100 per cent biodiesel or B30 biodiesel. However, EN590 containing up to five per cent biodiesel is approved for use with DPFs
  • 100 per cent biodiesel vehicles cannot be used in temperatures below -10°C
  • The use of 100 per cent biodiesel may slightly reduce the driving performance of the vehicle and slightly increase fuel consumption
  • The use of 100 per cent biodiesel may require more frequent maintenance
Volkswagen vehicles’ compatibility with biodiesel fuels

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