Food | Macaroni | Macaroni is a ribbon-reed / tube-shaped raw food with a hole in the middle made ​​from wheat flour / durum wheat and can be processed into various dishes. Macaroni is an elbow-shaped pasta. Macaroni is usually treated with a cream sauce and peas. Macaroni can be served with other ingredients such as chicken, vegetables, beef and much more according to taste.

Macaroni has various shapes and sizes. There are long and short macaroni.

Here are some types of macaroni:
  • Alfabets
  • Attuppatelli Lisci
  • Blunt Elbow Macaroni (Elbow Macaroni /Chifferi rigate)
  • Broad Noodle
  • Cavatelle
  • Fettuccine
  • Vermiceli (thin spaghetti)
  • Fine Noodle
  • Fusilli Senza Buco and Fusilli Bucati
  • Lasagne
  • Long and Blunt Elbow Spaghetti
  • Long Macaroni
  • Mafalde
  • Margherite
  • Mostacciolino
  • Noodle bowl
  • Penne (Ziti Rigate)
  • Rigatoni
  • Rosetta
  • Rotini
  • Shell Macaroni (Cociolini)
  • Spiral Macaroni

macaroniAccording to some articles, macaroni has some advantages. The advantages of macaroni include: rich in complex carbohydrates, especially starch; high in protein, low fat, and most importantly, do not cause fat.

As a result, macaroni can be used in several types of cuisine and easy to prepare because it was dry and can be stored longer.

Store macaroni in a dry place and in a closed container so that the shelf longer and avoid the possibility of absorption of water and dust.

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