The First Mocaf in the World

The First Mocaf in the World | agriculture commodities | Indonesia breaks the world record again thanks to the invention of Dr Achmad Subagio, a researcher of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Jember University, who successfully invented mocaf, the latest processed product made from cassava Manihot esculenta.

This invention is not a trivial thing since mocaf is able to substitute wheat flour on account of its aroma and taste which are equal to wheat flour. To make 1 kilo of noodles, as an example, mocaf 50 % substitute wheat flour. Meanwhile, to make cookies, the wheat flour may be completely substituted with mocaf.

Mocaf is of great value as it is expected to reduce the demand for wheat flour which is still relying on import. As statistic shown, Indonesian wheat flour demand, in total, reaches 6-million tonnes per year. Thus, it is understandable that as we found mocaf, we can decrease foreign exchange current to abroad.

Early this year, your reporter was invited to attend World Tapioca Conference in Bangkok. The world's cassava experts gathered there to discuss about big opportunity in developing the world's cassava but none of the experts mentioned cassava can be made into mocaf. Whereas, the value of mocaf is equal to dextrin, or other by-products made from cassava starch.

Respective readers, mocaf is chosen as the main topic as to describe the most current up-to-date business opportunity. Accompanying mocaf, we present stories of how beautiful Haworthia truncata, gasteria or the rare aloe are. Meanwhile, for traditional medicinal plant observers, at the same time with the issuance of this magazine, we also publish Infokit Volume 08, which specially discussed Indonesian herbals complete with scientific evidences and ways to blend herbal ingredients, along with various healthy ways of life through traditional beverages. Enjoy reading! [ agriculture commodities ]

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