How To Teach Children About The Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is something everyone can learn and that's a good idea to start children in the field of early nutrition. The Federal Department of Agriculture has promised to teach children these principles and has some good products that you can download for use as teaching tools.

Things you need:
  • Coloring page from (you may download from
  • Crayons
  • Dice
  • Playing cards
  • Poster - you may download from (optional)
  • Pyramid picture (you may download from
  • Safety scissors
  • Tennis ball

How To Teach Children About The Food Pyramid:
  1. Download the poster of the pyramid / children / and print. Also take advantage of the pyramid coloring page and a spreadsheet and printing. Let your child shows graphics card electronic kitchen, or the family on the wall. Talk about how the image is the food groups and what children should eat good food to help them grow strong and healthy.
  2. Help your child find the right colors to go to the pyramid coloring page hill. For example, "Grains" section should be colored orange, the vegetables are green, red fruit, milk and milk products are blue, purple is meat and beans, and fats and oils, some are yellow. Discuss your child lots of food coloring with crayons groups. Ask them to give you some examples of foods that fit each category.
  3. Use the tea as the hours of instruction. Cut into cubes and snacks such as apple, banana, grapes, melons, cheese cubes, hard boiled eggs, crackers, celery, carrots, pretzel sticks, and rolled up slices of turkey. Let your child help with the right tools. As you and your children to eat this versatile disc, he or she can say that a group of snacks to fit into the pyramid.
  4. At night, when you pack school lunches, let your child help and let out the lunch items are part of the food pyramid. Ask him to help you find items for a balanced breakfast.
  5. Make a game. Download a copy in most of the food pyramid poster. Cut the parts or pieces of the puzzle. Mix the cut and your child brings the whole picture right.
  6. Make a portion-size examples. Cut a tennis ball in half. E 'close to 1 / 2 cup. Put the pair of dice on the table - that represent the approximately one ounce each. Sell ​​a deck of playing cards on the table, the cards would be similar to 3 ounces of meat is the portion size recommended.
  7. Then, to show what 1 / 2 cup of cottage cheese look and compare it with a tennis ball. Cut blocks of cheese like dice dice, and make a hamburger, which is the same size as a deck of cards.

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  1. Children should also know the basics of food safety and food hygiene training and awareness to let them be able to know and be safe or aware in eating the foods that they eat daily.


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